Surfing is ON! @ farm

mud surfing

G’day friends surfing is on tomorrow @ the farm. We’ll be up the northern end so find us there. Starts 8am, pancakes and a talk at 10ish. We’d love to see you there.


Pics are up – woop woop !

Pics are up! They don’t quite look like this because you’d all be added to the middens around Bass Point – and so would I 🙂

On a series note, we didn’t choose Shellharbour South beach last Saturday. The wind was favorable but the banks were rubbish and you would have felt like the guy in the pic. So sometimes a bad day at the farm is better than a good day at most other beaches.

Here’s the link for the pics -click here- Next surf is Saturday 17th Feb. Catch yers then.

Surfing is on! @ farm

Nice small pushing waves. Hot pancakes and a cracking Bible talk this morning. COME 🙂

Surfing @ farm tomoz 3rd Feb


G’day friends. We are surfing at the farm tomorrow. Even though there will likely be a south breeze, our alternative beach “Shellharbour South beach” has a horrible closeout that would axe you all.

So see you towards the northern end of the farm. We start 8am, finish around 10:30 with pancakes and a bible talk. Download & bring a rego form if you haven’t already yet this summer. Love to see you there.